Wednesday, January 13, 2016

How About Something A Bit Simpler?

Okay, so you're not quite ready for the full package that comes with K Money Mastery 2.0. Instead, you want something much simpler and quicker to learn so you can take action immediately, right? You want something you can use to profit with Amazon Kindle ebooks even if you can't write.

And maybe you want something that shows you how to write and publish not only for Kindle, but also for Nook, Kobo, Smashwords, to publish on your own website, or to have professionally printed in hardback and/or paperback.

I'd like to quickly mention a program I think is perfect for you. Stefan Pylarinos, author of K Money Mastery 2.0, has this other package that's less than $30 called "How To Write A Book In Less Than 24 Hours!" With eleven videos and accompanying texts, this is Stefan's tested and proven ten-step method for writing and publishing an ebook fast - and it really works. In his promotional video for this shorter, simpler package, he mentions three ebooks he actually created and published using this exact process -

To be honest, this is where I started. It was just enough information to help me find a topic to write about, to research my choice in some depth, to come up with a good title, and get me writing my first ebook, plus the basic ten steps are easily adapted to any topic you want to write about. That fact has helped me create outlines for eight more books in almost no time at all. This gets me a long way toward my goal of writing and publishing one ebook a week in 2016. And, with a little experience, I could probably do at least double that number ... maybe more.

Bottom line - I think you should give this more compact tutorial and tools package a look and ask yourself if this is more what you're looking for. A little quick success will probably go a long way to motivating you to make writing and publishing Amazon Kindle ebooks a full-time business.

That's exactly how it happened for me.


Richard Barnes
Owner/Art Director, Naumaddic Arts

P.S. - Just click the banner below to check it out and get started. I genuinely look forward to reading your book(s).

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So, What About K Money Mastery 2.0? Should I Buy It?

First of all, at the moment, there's special pricing of $67 for the program and, if you want a little time to try it out, there's a one-week trial that costs $7.  If you try it out and want to keep the package, you pay just the extra $60.  Cool deal and, once you see the stunning wealth of information in Stefan Pylarinos' program, you're going to want to keep it.

Now, you should understand from the start - this is a fully-detailed beautifully polished start-to-finish profiting with Amazon Kindle ebooks business-in-a-box that's been the bestselling Kindle publishing system since 2013. Stefan's a great marketer, but his content is also extremely high-value. Outstanding marketing and outstanding material has, in Stefan's case and for the many respected marketers like him, led to incredible success.

Stefan's often somewhat lengthy videos and materials take you from a blank page and no book idea at all, to researching, finding a profitable niche topic, writing the book, getting a book cover, publishing to Amazon, etc. If you're a complete Amazon Kindle ebook publishing beginner and never seek additional information and training from other sources, you will still have all of the knowledge and tools you need to create and profit with Amazon Kindle ebooks and continue to profit indefinitely. Plus, of course, the program is in constant update and revision. You can relax certain that, with K Money Mastery, you'll stay on the cutting-edge of creating and publishing Amazon Kindle ebooks.

In addition to the training and coaching on writing and publishing ebooks, you can also sell K Money Mastery 2.0 as an affiliate and earn 50% commissions from every sale. There are three high-value, high-converting upsells that generate on average $63.00 per sale. You receive high-converting sales pages that, as it happens, are constantly tested, improved, retested, revised again so you have the best pages possible. The program includes a monthly continuity upsell with recurring monthly commissions, plus there are cool affiliate rewards and prizes along the way. As you might expect with a successful system, the refund rates on K Money Mastery 2.0 are currently less than  6%. The whole thing is easy to promote with the included email swipes, banners and other graphics. All in all, K Money Mastery 2.0 is a quality product that continually earns amazing testimonials and profitable results.

All in all,  if you haven't already, why haven't you bought K Money Master 2.0? At least give the one-week trial a go and see how much you can learn in that time. My prediction is, if you're serious about writing and publishing your own Amazon Kindle ebooks, you're going to keep this for a long time to come.

As always, here's a toast to your every success.


Richard Barnes
Owner/Art Director, Naumaddic Arts

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PROOF: If He Can Profit With Amazon Kindle eBooks, So Can YOU!

I know for a fact there are thousands and probably millions of people out there like you and me perhaps contemplating or passionately dreaming of becoming an author and earning a lot of money with our writing - more specifically profiting with Amazon Kindle ebooks. That's exactly where I was mentally before I began creating graphic art and, eventually, building my portfolio to hundreds of sellable designs.

There's a true wealth of how-to videos out there like the previous videos I've posted. Although this one isn't as instructive as K Money Mastery 2.0 or the others, I include it because it's incredibly inspirational. Seriously, if this young man can write and publish dozens of his own Amazon Kindle ebooks from a very early age - he started at just 10 years old - there's a very good chance you can and will do the same and succeed at it.

Because you and I and most others are older, I know how easy it is to feel intimidated and perhaps even discouraged by his early success - Why haven't I done as well even with extra time to do it? - but I urge you to instead use his story as an example of just what's possible, and this is key ...

If You Believe In Yourself.

Mark, began right there - He believed he could do it and he did. If you genuinely believe you can do this, you've conquered the greatest obstacle of all to success.

Now, if you don't yet believe, put a sticky note next to your computer as an affirmation -

"I Can, I Will Write My First Amazon Kindle eBook Beginning Now!"

If you need to, put multiple copies of that on as many sticky notes as you need to drive it home. Plaster the house with them. Stick it to the bathroom mirror. Hell, stick a dozen of them on the bathroom mirror - in different colors. Send yourself auto-emails, auto-voice messages, auto-text messages, etc. Cover your car's dashboard, write it on the palm of your hand with a Sharpie or on a wrist or both wrists. Put it everywhere and speak it aloud every time you see it.

Eventually - perhaps in a short period of time - it will stop being a mind trick played on yourself. The repeated consistent reading it and speaking it will make it a new instinctive way of thinking. You'll actually believe what it says without the need to be reminded and - there you go, you've taken that first largest most difficult step to your fresh new life as a profitable author of Amazon Kindle eBooks!

Anyway, enjoy this video interview with 16-year-old Mark Messick brought to you by Jason Bracht and his "Self Made Show".

Enjoy and Cheers!

Richard Barnes
Owner/Art Director, Naumaddic Arts

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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Video Series - "How To Write A Kindle eBook That Makes Money"

While I'm taking a break from creating more graphic designs, and continuing my search for great videos on YouTube to learn how to profit with Kindle ebook writing and publishing, I stumbled on another cool video from Scott of "The Online Income Blogger".  Scott's videos are a bit more extensive than Kam Jennings' videos with extra info Kam maybe doesn't cover. This video "How To Write A Kindle eBook That Makes Money" is actually Part One of what is at present a seven-part series, all of which I've embedded below for the convenience. Of course, you may want to watch them at YouTube if you want to add comments to Scott's videos there. 

Try to take notes if you can. Scott's videos, which are a bit closer to the quality you'll find at K Money Mastery 2.0 , give you a lot of value that will certainly add to your success at profiting with Kindle ebooks. As they say, the best investment of all is knowledge ... and you're getting this completely free, so a good investment indeed.

And try to visit Scott's site "The Online Income Blogger" if you can and say Hi or leave comments. I'm certain he'll appreciate it.


Richard Barnes
Owner/Art Director, Naumaddic Arts

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

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ZeroFatz Teaches Amazon Kindle Publishing For Profit!

Just before the end of 2015, I made a commitment to myself that I'd finally learn how to write Amazon Kindle ebooks for profit to go along with all of the graphic designs and artwork I've created through my own company Naumaddic Arts. I've heard it said often enough that you eventually need to create your own products if you want to earn the really big residual or passive income money and set yourself up as a respected expert. Mission accomplished with the artwork, but I need to get started with the Amazon Kindle ebooks.

Like many, I thought to browse through YouTube videos to see what sort of training and expertise I can absorb to make the work go easier and - hopefully - more successfully. I watched a lot of videos and I have to say this video from ZeroFatz aka Kam Jennings of AdveturesOnTheRiver titled "Create An eBook In Less Than 1 Hour That Makes You Money!" is the real deal and full of value.

Kam's videos on Amazon Kindle publishing for profit maybe aren't as professionally polished as the ones at K Money Mastery 2.0, but they feel a bit more natural and friendly. Look for more of his advise on YouTube. The guy's a one-man video-makin' machine!

At any rate, I'll just let Kam give you the 411. So that the beginning is less confusing, what he's doing at the beginning is collecting recipes from various places around the net to use in the ebook he's creating as an example of his one hour process.

This is one video you're likely going to want to bookmark. Make sure you've set enough time aside to watch or use the "Start at ... " feature under the Share tab to return to where you left off.


Richard Barnes
Owner/Art Director, Naumaddic Arts

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