Tuesday, January 12, 2016

ZeroFatz Teaches Amazon Kindle Publishing For Profit!

Just before the end of 2015, I made a commitment to myself that I'd finally learn how to write Amazon Kindle ebooks for profit to go along with all of the graphic designs and artwork I've created through my own company Naumaddic Arts. I've heard it said often enough that you eventually need to create your own products if you want to earn the really big residual or passive income money and set yourself up as a respected expert. Mission accomplished with the artwork, but I need to get started with the Amazon Kindle ebooks.

Like many, I thought to browse through YouTube videos to see what sort of training and expertise I can absorb to make the work go easier and - hopefully - more successfully. I watched a lot of videos and I have to say this video from ZeroFatz aka Kam Jennings of AdveturesOnTheRiver titled "Create An eBook In Less Than 1 Hour That Makes You Money!" is the real deal and full of value.

Kam's videos on Amazon Kindle publishing for profit maybe aren't as professionally polished as the ones at K Money Mastery 2.0, but they feel a bit more natural and friendly. Look for more of his advise on YouTube. The guy's a one-man video-makin' machine!

At any rate, I'll just let Kam give you the 411. So that the beginning is less confusing, what he's doing at the beginning is collecting recipes from various places around the net to use in the ebook he's creating as an example of his one hour process.

This is one video you're likely going to want to bookmark. Make sure you've set enough time aside to watch or use the "Start at ... " feature under the Share tab to return to where you left off.


Richard Barnes
Owner/Art Director, Naumaddic Arts

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