Wednesday, January 13, 2016

So, What About K Money Mastery 2.0? Should I Buy It?

First of all, at the moment, there's special pricing of $67 for the program and, if you want a little time to try it out, there's a one-week trial that costs $7.  If you try it out and want to keep the package, you pay just the extra $60.  Cool deal and, once you see the stunning wealth of information in Stefan Pylarinos' program, you're going to want to keep it.

Now, you should understand from the start - this is a fully-detailed beautifully polished start-to-finish profiting with Amazon Kindle ebooks business-in-a-box that's been the bestselling Kindle publishing system since 2013. Stefan's a great marketer, but his content is also extremely high-value. Outstanding marketing and outstanding material has, in Stefan's case and for the many respected marketers like him, led to incredible success.

Stefan's often somewhat lengthy videos and materials take you from a blank page and no book idea at all, to researching, finding a profitable niche topic, writing the book, getting a book cover, publishing to Amazon, etc. If you're a complete Amazon Kindle ebook publishing beginner and never seek additional information and training from other sources, you will still have all of the knowledge and tools you need to create and profit with Amazon Kindle ebooks and continue to profit indefinitely. Plus, of course, the program is in constant update and revision. You can relax certain that, with K Money Mastery, you'll stay on the cutting-edge of creating and publishing Amazon Kindle ebooks.

In addition to the training and coaching on writing and publishing ebooks, you can also sell K Money Mastery 2.0 as an affiliate and earn 50% commissions from every sale. There are three high-value, high-converting upsells that generate on average $63.00 per sale. You receive high-converting sales pages that, as it happens, are constantly tested, improved, retested, revised again so you have the best pages possible. The program includes a monthly continuity upsell with recurring monthly commissions, plus there are cool affiliate rewards and prizes along the way. As you might expect with a successful system, the refund rates on K Money Mastery 2.0 are currently less than  6%. The whole thing is easy to promote with the included email swipes, banners and other graphics. All in all, K Money Mastery 2.0 is a quality product that continually earns amazing testimonials and profitable results.

All in all,  if you haven't already, why haven't you bought K Money Master 2.0? At least give the one-week trial a go and see how much you can learn in that time. My prediction is, if you're serious about writing and publishing your own Amazon Kindle ebooks, you're going to keep this for a long time to come.

As always, here's a toast to your every success.


Richard Barnes
Owner/Art Director, Naumaddic Arts

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