Wednesday, January 13, 2016

PROOF: If He Can Profit With Amazon Kindle eBooks, So Can YOU!

I know for a fact there are thousands and probably millions of people out there like you and me perhaps contemplating or passionately dreaming of becoming an author and earning a lot of money with our writing - more specifically profiting with Amazon Kindle ebooks. That's exactly where I was mentally before I began creating graphic art and, eventually, building my portfolio to hundreds of sellable designs.

There's a true wealth of how-to videos out there like the previous videos I've posted. Although this one isn't as instructive as K Money Mastery 2.0 or the others, I include it because it's incredibly inspirational. Seriously, if this young man can write and publish dozens of his own Amazon Kindle ebooks from a very early age - he started at just 10 years old - there's a very good chance you can and will do the same and succeed at it.

Because you and I and most others are older, I know how easy it is to feel intimidated and perhaps even discouraged by his early success - Why haven't I done as well even with extra time to do it? - but I urge you to instead use his story as an example of just what's possible, and this is key ...

If You Believe In Yourself.

Mark, began right there - He believed he could do it and he did. If you genuinely believe you can do this, you've conquered the greatest obstacle of all to success.

Now, if you don't yet believe, put a sticky note next to your computer as an affirmation -

"I Can, I Will Write My First Amazon Kindle eBook Beginning Now!"

If you need to, put multiple copies of that on as many sticky notes as you need to drive it home. Plaster the house with them. Stick it to the bathroom mirror. Hell, stick a dozen of them on the bathroom mirror - in different colors. Send yourself auto-emails, auto-voice messages, auto-text messages, etc. Cover your car's dashboard, write it on the palm of your hand with a Sharpie or on a wrist or both wrists. Put it everywhere and speak it aloud every time you see it.

Eventually - perhaps in a short period of time - it will stop being a mind trick played on yourself. The repeated consistent reading it and speaking it will make it a new instinctive way of thinking. You'll actually believe what it says without the need to be reminded and - there you go, you've taken that first largest most difficult step to your fresh new life as a profitable author of Amazon Kindle eBooks!

Anyway, enjoy this video interview with 16-year-old Mark Messick brought to you by Jason Bracht and his "Self Made Show".

Enjoy and Cheers!

Richard Barnes
Owner/Art Director, Naumaddic Arts

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